Help us flip South Carolina. 


In the 2018 election, we crafted some unprecedented tactics to help flip South Carolina’s District One, electing the first democratic representative to Washington, DC, in 40 years. We can do some more flipping in 2020!


Please join us! Help us! We can make a difference and we sure could use your help. Send us whatever you can contribute.



We have developed a three-pronged approach that we believe, once properly funded and executed, will be capable of defeating many of the incumbents in 2020. Here’s the plan:


Publicize Records

Hold politicians accountable and expose their positions and voting records to South Carolina voters through town halls, digital ads, billboards, TV, radio, postcards, and so forth.


Work on the Ground

Mobilize voters and volunteers through grassroots organizing across South Carolina. 



To make incumbents vulnerable and support their opponents we need grassroots fundraising.



Publicize Records

We’ve begun to publicize politicians’ records in several ways: 

  • We’ve gotten lots of publicity for an Empty Chair Town Hall held in Beaufort County, where citizens exposed the flip-flopping of a well-known incumbent.

  • We’ve sent letters to the editor, held demonstrations at fundraisers and in front of politicians’ offices. We’ve emailed and called them.

  • During the 2018 midterms, we purchased billboards, yards signs and postcards. 


Now it’s time to amplify these messages.

First, we need to reach a statewide audience with general messaging about integrity and honesty. We also want to build the narrative that citizens of South Carolina are ready for change. Outdoor advertising with billboards and yard signs will be used more widely. Newspaper ads will be purchased.

Our messages will come out in short phrases like: 

SC doesn’t stand for racism.

Democracy requires the rule of law.

Everyone deserves healthcare.

Vote for Integrity.

Next, we want to hyper-target specific types of voters through highly effective digital advertising. This would include unregistered citizens, undecided voters, and those who lean right but are fed up with the politics of the last few years.

As we get closer to election day, we will use more voting messages such as: “Vote November 3 to protect the environment.” “Democracy depends on your vote.” “Vote for change.” 




Work on the Ground

Volunteers across South Carolina who care about democracy and honest government will reinforce the messages we have amplified through media about change coming to South Carolina.

These volunteers will make phone calls, send postcards and leave people with a sense of hope for change and an inspiration to get out and vote.


We will display signs just before the election to remind people when and where to vote. We also will use signs to advocate for bringing change to South Carolina by demanding inclusion, justice, and honesty. 





To make all this possible, we need to raise funds from across South Carolina and across the US.


This is not just South Carolina’s fight, although our efforts and our votes will make the difference here. This is a national fight for the future of democracy in America. We insist on integrity and honesty in Washington, transparency and fairness in our statehouses, and equality and compassion at every level of government. 

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